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Tamil IDPs accuse government of false resettlement ahead of UN visit

Tamil IDPs from Vali North this week accused the Sri Lankan government of seeking to portraying a false image of resettlement to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon during his visit next week by rehousing them in different land instead of allowing them to return to their own homes. 

"As the visit of UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon to Jaffna is scheduled this month end, the Sri Lankan government is speeding up its conspiracy to show as if the resettlement issue is settled," the president of the Vali North group for resettlement and rehabilitation, A Gunabalasingam said. 

"In particular, plans are underway to provide land and build homes for the people in the Jaffna refugee camps in alternative places [than their homes] and to close down the refugee camps," he said, adding that the vast majority of IDPs did not want to be resettled else where. 

"Fisherman want to be resettled in coastal areas where they lived and farmers [want to be resettled] in their own farm land."

"If the government go ahead as per its wish and whims, ignoring the facts, where will these people go for their profession?"