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Tamil disappearances activist attacked, days after CID harassment

A Tamil disappearances activist was attacked yesterday, just days after she was harassed by Sri Lanka's Criminal Investigation Department.

The activist, a families of the disappeared protester, returned last week after attending the UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva.

CID officers visited her home on 6th July, the day after she returned and questioned her about why she went to Geneva and what she spoke about.

The activist said she told the officers that she had spoken about her disappeared husband and that all her speeches were in the media if they wanted to check.

The CID officers responded that they had all the news and pictures of her and to think hard and tell them what else she had said.

Yesterday, the activist had an iron rod thrown at her while she was on a bicycle with her son. They fell off the bicycle and were unable to identify the attackers except that they saw two men wearing black helmets with the face visors down.

The activist also noted that on landing from Geneva her luggage had been delayed and while waiting to lodge a complaint, she was taken for a inquiry in a separate room, where she was asked about where she was coming from and the contents of her suitcase and laptop.