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Tamil on death row dreams of Eelam

One of the suspects on death row in Tamil Nadu for his alleged role in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi still dreams of an independent country for Eelam Tamils.

39 year old Perarivalan, also known as Arivu, was convicted for assisting the alleged killers of Rajiv Gandhi by providing them with batteries in 1991.

 He has been on death row for the past 20 years, but a huge campaign has been ongoing in Tamil Nadu to stop the death sentence in his case and the case of the other two individuals on death row for the killing.

Responding to a question by a reporter from The Hindu newspaper about the dreams he has harboured over the years, Arivu said

“I don't remember the face of many of the people I knew. I remember the street and the town I lived as it was in 1991.

So, the dreams were either irrelevant or prison-centric. But the only dream we always cherish and hope to achieve is Tamil Eelam.