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Swedish oil executives face charges for war crimes in Sudan

The Chief Executive and chairman of Swedish group Lundin Oil may face charges of war crimes, after the Swedish government paved the way for an indictment to be issued this week.

Alex Schneiter, the current CE of Lundin Oil and Ian Lundin, the chairman of the board, may be indicted, for war crimes committed in Sudan. Lundin Oil is accused of bankrolling the Sudanese army and several paramilitary groups that drove away locals from areas where the company planned to carry out oil exploration, and are accused of committing human rights abuses.

“Given the severity of the crime, justice must be allowed to run its course,” justice minister Morgan Johansson said.

Lundin Oil has responded by stating that “there are no grounds for any allegations of wrongdoing by any representative of the company”.

“Lundin Petroleum strongly believes that it was a force for development in Sudan and was at all times an advocate for peace by peaceful means in the region,” it said.

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