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'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields' - More evidence to be aired

Channel 4 has confirmed that they are working on a follow up to their critically acclaimed documentary “Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields" which will reveal new evidence of war crimes committed by Sri Lankan Government forces.

The film, entitled “Sri Lanka's Killing Fields : War Crimes Unpunished”, will contain contemporaneous documents, eye-witness accounts, as well as photographs and videos revealing the final events of the war, and will be screened in the new year.

Jon Snow, who presented the first documentary said,

'I'm very proud that the new year will see a follow up to our widely-acclaimed documentary Sri Lanka's Killing Fields.

We believe it shows more evidence of official complicity in war crimes and we will continue to show what we find to the world. I hope this film captures, shocks and educates in the same way as the first did."

Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields sparked international outrage at the lack of investigation into war crimes and was screened across the world, including at the UN in Geneva and New York and also shown to politicians at the House of Commons, the European Parliament and key figures in the US Senate.

Film director Callum Macrae acknowledging the importance of the film saying,

"Just occasionally you get involved in a film which you feel might really make a difference. Our last film had an extraordinary international impact throughout the world.

In this new film we investigate those responsible for those crimes; we show who knew about them and we explain just why the world failed to prevent them."

Dorothy Byrne Channel 4's Head of News & Current Affairs also commented,

"The horrific revelations in Sri Lanka's Killing Fields caused concern across the globe and calls for further investigations so we decided to do just that; to continue the journalistic endeavour to find out the full truth about these terrible events."

Over a million viewers in the UK have watched Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, and it has been screened on national television in Australia, India, Denmark, Norway and Belgium.

It is still available to watch on their website, where it has been watched in over 30 countries on 4oD - totalling more than 455,000 across all platforms and more than 360,000 on channel4 4oD. Channel 4 have confirmed that the follow up will also be ungeoblocked and available to watch internationally from their website.

Sri Lanka's Killing Fields can be viewed here.