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Sri Lankan president: 'I have backbone to reject foreign judges'

The Sri Lankan president, Maithripala Sirisena reiterated his rejection of the inclusion of international judges in any justice mechanism stating that he had the "backbone" to voice such a view. 

Speaking at a meeting of the SLFP executive committee, Mr Sirisena was quoted by the Daily Mirror as saying, "two weeks ago the UN Human Rights High Commissioner in his report on Sri Lanka called for a probe by foreign judges. Within 24 hours, I rejected it saying I am not ready to bring foreign judges here."

"There can be people without a backbone. But I am not ready to go forward with those without a backbone. I will go forward with only those with a backbone," he added. 

The report by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights released this week calls on the government to adopt legislation to ensure the establishment of a hybrid justice mechanism which includes international judges and lawyers.