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Sri Lankan police arrest those posting about lack of food for displaced Tamils

Sri Lankan police have arrest two people who posted information stating that Tamils who had sheltered in a Hindu temple in Colombo and were unable to return home due to the coronavirus curfew, were experiencing difficulty accessing food and drinking water.

Those who made the post were arrested on the 4 May. The police have responded to enquiries by stating that those residing in the temple were sufficiently looked after and that those who made the post had violated curfew by entering the temple without permission. Sri Lankan police have arrested over 40,000 people since the curfew was first imposed.

The Ceylon News reports that 15 Tamils from Haputale and Badulla who were working in Colombo have been unable to return home due to travel restriction and the curfew imposed in Colombo. Seenthil Thondaman, son of Ceylon Workers Congress (CWC) Leader, Arumugam Thondaman, permitted the Mutwal Sri Venkateswara temple to help provide shelter for these workers. The police report that they had received a request from Thondaman to remove the social media post.

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