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Sri Lankan navy arrests 9 off Point Pedro coast for alleged illegal fishing

The Sri Lankan navy has arrested nine locals off the coast of Point Pedro accusing them of illegal fishing practices which destroy the fishing grounds. 

The men were arrested on Tuesday. Four fibre glass dinghies were also confiscated. 

"The unscrupulous method causes enormous destruction to fish breeding grounds and leads to the depletion of fish stocks substantially," the navy said

"If allowed to continue, the wanton destruction made with the sole intention of making a fast buck with scant regard for the repercussions would adversely affect the livelihoods of law-abiding fishermen and deal a deadly blow to the fishing industry in the area, which is fast improving as a result of the constant vigilance maintained by the Navy in collaboration with the Coastguard," the Navy said in a statement. 

Those arrested have been handed over to the Assistant Fisheries Director of Mullaitivu.