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Sri Lankan military on study tour in Rwanda

Sri Lankan military officers and students from the Sri Lanka Defense Service Command are currently visiting Rwanda for a two week 'study tour'. 

The team was welcomed by the Rwanda Defense Forces' air force chief of staff, Brigadier General Charles Karamba. 

"Both countries have undergone periods of calamities," Sri Lanka's Colonel Ekanayake was quoted by Colombo Page as saying. 

"We heard that Rwanda is progressing well in the process of reconciliation and rebuilding and thought of getting some experience from her. It's a great thing for us as we are also engaging in rebuilding our nation and we hope these lessons will be good ingredients to adopt in our country," he added.

"Rwandan Defense Forces was established right after the 1994 Genocide. Within a period of 23 years, they developed professionally and made unique achievements that we can learn from."