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Sri Lankan general accused of war crimes to attend Indian university

A senior commander of Sri Lanka’s armed forces, Shavendra Silva, who is thought to be responsible for committing mass atrocities, has been accepted to study at India’s National Defence College (NDC) in Dheli, reports jdslanka.

Silva, who commanded the 58 division of the Sri Lankan military, which stands accused of mass killings of Tamil civilians and the extrajudicial killings of Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) cadres, subscribed to a course entitled “Defence and Strategic Studies,” at the University of Madras affiliated college.

The UN Panel of Experts report found that civilian hospitals were repeatedly shelled whilst Silva's division attempted to capture LTTE territory during the final stages of the armed conflict.

The No Fire Zone documentary, directed by Callum Macrae, alleges that Silva could potentially be held directly responsible for some of the atrocities that occurred at the end of the armed conflict between the LTTE and Sri Lankan government.