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Sri Lankan army raids TNPF office in Mullaitivu

Sri Lankan soldiers surrounded, forcibly entered and searched the Tamil National People's Front office in Mullaitivu yesterday, in what the party has described as a “blatant attempt to intimidate us”.

Nearly a dozen Sri Lankan army personnel reportedly surrounded the Mullaitivu district office around 11am yesterday morning, before they forcibly entered and searched the premises for “several hours”, according to a tweet sent out by the TNPF on Friday.

The Tamil political party added that it was attempting to submit a complaint to the Sri Lankan police, but stated the police were “reluctant to receive a complaint”.

“We view this break-in by the Army as a blatant attempt to intimidate us,” the party added.

The raid comes amidst a climate of military intimidation and surveillance across the North-East. Earlier this year Sri Lankan Campaign released a report highlighting the Sri Lankan government’s ongoing surveillance, harassment and intimidation in the region.