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Sri Lankan army interrogates Tamil youth after calls for demilitarisation

The Sri Lankan military interrogated a Tamil youth in Jaffna on Saturday, after accusing him of leading a campaign which has seen growing calls for the removal of a military base from the local area.

Soldiers reportedly raided the house of the youth in Chulipuram on Friday evening, and told his family that he was to be summoned for questioning the next day.

Though others tried to accompany him to the army camp on Saturday, soldiers only allowed the youth to enter. During his interrogation, he was reportedly asked to sign a letter stating that he did not want the military to leave the area.

A police complaint has been registered by his family, over his treatment.

The Sri Lankan military for years has had a base at Chulipuram, forcibly occupying land which belongs to the Palmyra and Coconut Resource development Cooperative Society of the Jaffna District.

For decades Tamils have been demanding the Sri Lankan military to cease its occupation of Tamil lands, but the security forces continues to maintain a heavy presence in the region.