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Sri Lankan army facilitates donation of artificial limbs to Jaffna Tamils

The Sri Lankan army oversaw the donation of artificial limbs to a group of Tamils at a military camp in Jaffna last month.

Troops from the 55 Division, under the directions of Major General Dharshana Hettiarachchi, Commander of the Security Forces Headquarters in Jaffna, held a ceremony where artificial limbs were given to Tamil civilians.

The Sri Lankan military stands accused of causing many of the injuries which led to many Tamil civilians losing their limbs. Award-winning French charity Handicap International said at the end of the armed conflict that as many as 30,000 Tamil civilians had been left severely disabled by Sri Lankan army shelling in the so-called 'No Fire Zone'. The final stage of fighting also saw the military restrict antibiotics and other medications entering the Vanni, forcing many doctors to amputate patients.

Civil society groups in the North-East have also frequently expressed concern about the Sri Lankan military’s involvement in in rehabilitation and restorative programs for the war-affected Tamil population.