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Sri Lanka tries to woo Central and South America

Amidst increasing international criticism of Sri Lanka and allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity against Tamils, the country's Deputy Minister of External Affairs, Neomal Perara, has been dispatched to Central and South America on a very important mission. 

Perara, who has so far visited Mexico, Peru and the Dominican Republic, has been entrusted to present his respective counterparts with three special gifts - a copy of Sri Lanka's 'Humanitarian Operation Factual Analysis July 2006- May 2009', a CD of the Sri Lanka's 'Lies agreed upon' and a no doubt well-rehearsed spiel as to why prejudgement of the LLRC report is 'unacceptable and unwarranted'.

See 'Sri Lanka's Killing Fields' screened to Canadian MPs' (Sept 2011)