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Sri Lanka police torture two Tamils in Jaffna

Sri Lankan police in Jaffna have been accused of torturing two Tamils in Jaffna this week, leaving them both with broken limbs. 

The two Tamil men were arrested by Kayts police and accused of theft. They allege that once taken to the police station, they both were beaten and tortured by police officers - to the point that they both had broken arms.

The official in charge of the crime division at the station was singled out as being responsible for the torture that they endured. Local Tamil civil society organisations said they have repeatedly complained about the officer in question, who has been allegedly to repeatedly been involved in unlawful activities.

This particular incident came to light after both men were produced before the Magistrate in Kayts last week, where they appealed to the court about the torture they had undergone. The magistrate has now ordered the police to refer them to Jaffna Hospital for examination, and to produce a medico-legal report to the court. 

Torture remains endemic on the island, with state security forces accused of systematically torturing Tamil men and women including through sexual violence.