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Sri Lanka parliament passes widely criticised Emergency Regulations for 30 days

Emergency Regulations were passed without a vote, as reports of further terror threats were discussed in Sri Lanka's parliament,  on Wednesday.

The emergency regulations, labelled as draconian and problematic by many, are said to invest police and security forces with the power to take effective measures to safeguard the island, as well as giving the President sweeping executive powers.

The regulations are set to be in place for 30 days, reports Colombo Page.

Sri Lanka’s emergency regulations have been criticised as some of its most draconian legislation, with rights groups worried that military and security forces, already accused of torture and mass atrocities, are given free reign across the island.

The President under these regulations, can prohibit the holding of public gatherings, whilst police and military enjoy sweeping powers to enforce such prohibitions with any force necessary. Tensions in the predominantly Tamil north-east could be set to rise as it prepares to mourn 10 years since the end of the armed conflict, which saw thousands massacred in Mullivaikkal during the last few weeks alone.  

The regulations give power to the police and the military to detain for search or arrest people without warrant.

See full regulations here.