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Sri Lanka outraged at Silva humiliation

Sri Lanka has expressed outrage at the humiliating treatment meted out to Major General Shavendra Silva by a UN committee.

Silva, who is accused of war crimes, was ejected from the peacekeeping advisory panel to Bank Ki-moon earlier this week, after widespread criticism of his selection to the committee.

"To seek to exclude him from a position in the UN is unfair and contrary to the principles of the United Nations," the Sri Lankan government said in a statement issued in New York.

It added that the action amounted to a "public lynching without trial"

Silva still attended the first meeting of the panel, even though the chair of the panel, Louise Frechette called his presence “not appropriate or helpful”.

"The approach of Madame Frechette... was outrageous and high handed given that the United Nations is an organisation of member-states governed by hallowed rules, regulations and etiquette," Sri Lanka's statement said.

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