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Sri Lanka must place a moratorium on PTA use until it is repealed - Human Rights Watch

The Sri Lankan government must announce a moratorium on the use of the Prevention of Terrorism Act until it is fully repealed said Human Rights Watch in a statement released on Monday.

Noting that Since April 2016 at least 11 people had been arbitrarily detained under the PTA instead of using appropriate provisions under the criminal code, Human Rights Watch director Brad Adams, said,

“Until it is repealed, the government should announce a moratorium on the use of the PTA and instead rely on criminal code, which does not allow indefinite detention without charge or trial.”

Mr Adams concluded,

“So long as the PTA is in place and being used, the Sri Lankan government will have a hard time convincing the Human Rights Council that it is keeping its commitments. Revoking the PTA is absolutely crucial for ensuring respect for the basic rights of criminal suspects and the rule of law in Sri Lanka.”

The statement US based organisation's statement added,

“Following a scathing report by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in September 2015, the government agreed to a resolution at the Human Rights Council in which it made many pledges toward accountability and justice. The government is working on a new bill to replace the PTA but there is no sign that this will be passed soon, and little transparency or consultation about the process.”