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Sri Lanka must act swiftly to prosecute perpetrators - ICJ

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) on Thursday called on the Sri Lankan government to act switfly to ensure those responsible for anti-Muslim violence in Kandy are prosecuted. 

"The Sri Lankan government must act swiftly and in line with human rights to prosecute those responsible for recent communal violence."

"Particularly for attacks against the minority Muslim community in Kandy district, while avoiding the abusive practices of the past," said the ICJ in a statement. 

“The government must show that it will bring to account those who have incited communal violence, particularly notorious figures who have been emboldened by the pervading impunity to preach hatred openly and publicly. The arrest of key suspects yesterday is a start and convictions must follow,” said Frederick Rawski, ICJ’s Asia director.

“But the government must ensure that its investigation is impartial and effective and follows due process of the law,” he added.

Read full statement here