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Sri Lanka judiciary will not deliver justice for genocide like it did for political crisis - Wigneswaran

Despite its admirable conduct during the island's political crisis, Sri Lanka's judiciary is not capable of delivering justice for the atrocities perpetrated against Tamils, former Chief Minister of the Northern Province and former Supreme Court judge C V Wigneswaran has said.

Speaking in Kilinochchi last week, the former Chief Minister said that although "actions of the top judiciary in solving the political crisis and establishing democracy were admirable", they were also exceptional and could not be taken as an example of how the judiciary on the island functions in all cases.

"The international community must not take this as an example of how justice for war crimes and genocide can be achieved through Sri Lankan courts," Wigneswaran said. "When it comes to the ethnic question, all of Sri Lanka’s national institutions are aligned on racial lines."

"These institutions controlled by the government and by the majority race cannot be expected to deliver us [Tamils] justice," he said.