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Sri Lanka has failed to investigate and prosecute for war crimes - Amnesty International

The promotion of Shavendra Silva to chief of staff of the Sri Lankan army “highlight(s) the urgent need for thorough, impartial, independent and effective criminal investigations into war crimes and crimes against humanity,” said Amnesty International in a statement this week, accusing the government of failing to investigate war crimes.

“Vetting of military personnel is furthermore needed as an important feature of postwar security sector reform to guarantee against future violations,” continued the statement, released in the wake of Silva’s appointment. 

“While the government has made some progress establishing mechanisms towards ensuring truth and reparation for victims, it has thus far failed to take effective measures towards investigating the alleged crimes and, where sufficient admissible evidence exists, prosecuting those accused of responsibility,” it added. 

“Amnesty International urges the government of Sri Lanka embark on its commitments on justice and security sector reform to ensure effective remedies for the victims and non-recurrence without further delay.”

See the full statement here.