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Sri Lanka govt slammed for scapegoating former LTTE cadres over police murders

The families of disappeared co-ordinator in Mullaitivu has slammed the Sri Lankan government for the scapegoating of former LTTE cadres over the murder of two police officers in Batticaloa last year, after recent revelations that the murders may have been linked to Islamist extremists who also carried out terror attacks on Easter Sunday.

Co-ordinator Mariasuresh Easwari said the government must be held accountable for the injustice of the two former cadres’ detention which has been ongoing for over five months. The government must also answer for the suffering the families of the detained former cadres have experience, Easwari said.

Many Tamil representatives including parliamentarians raised concern over the arrests and increased surveillance of former LTTE cadres following the police murders, asserting that former cadres were being unfairly victimised and scapegoated and suggesting more sinister elements to be behind the murders.

Speaking at a press conference last week, Easwari said:

“A massive genocide was carried out against the Tamil race in 2009. Many thousands of people were killed and made to disappear, through air, land, and sea strikes. Those who have lost their loved ones have been protesting for years and asking for justice.

Under such circumstances, we are horrified by the bombings carried out by the terrorists on April 21st Easter Sunday.

Even in this, most of the dead and the affected are Tamils. Its true status is not known yet. However, the world has come together to investigate the incident.

It is a welcome news, but we don’t understand why the international community, or the government ignored us and did not give us justice when many of those who directly handed over their loved ones to the military during the final days of war stood as witnesses and asked for justice.

Now they have implemented the emergency regulations. This will only be more threatening for Tamils. We urge all parties to not to use this to threaten us and curb our protests. We will continue our protests in any situation.

Furthermore, many ex LTTE cadres were targeted and arrested in connection with the murder of two Police officers in Vavunativu of Batticaloa on November 30th of last year. It includes Ajanthan who is a father of four.

His wife who called for the release of her husband and carried out many protests, attempted suicide twice. The government did not come forward to help her or to give him justice. He is still in prison.

But now that the Police has stated that the terrorists have accepted that it was them who carried out the murders and weapons belonged to the murdered police officers have been recovered, why hasn’t he been released yet?

Will this government be able to take responsibility for the suffering of his wife and children and the injustice done to them?”