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Sri Lanka Campaign launches 'Manifesto for Peace'

The Sri Lanka Campaign, in a report released on Monday, outlined a set of deliverables that it found be a prerequisite to peace on the island.

Stating that the needs of the survivors of the civil war had to be considered for a lasting peace in Sri Lanka, the report listed elements as part of a ‘Manifesto for Peace.”

These included:

1) The factual establishment of what took place in the final stages of the war, including the publication of a comprehensive list of the dead, with cause of death where possible, and the names of those detained and those still not accounted for.

2) Credible investigation and prosecution of senior political and military commanders of the Sri Lankan Army, and surviving members of the LTTE, for their role in the final stages of the war before a court with international oversight and jurisdiction.

3) The absence of the military from day-to-day life of Tamils in the north and east.

4) The return of confiscated land.

5) A scheme of compensation for survivors of the war, victims of serious human rights violations and their families, not predicted upon any abandonment of the quest for truth.

6) An acknowledgement form the Sri Lankan government that war crimes took place, and an apology.

7) An acknowledgement by the international community that they didn’t do as much as they could have to protect civilians, and an apology.

8) The creation of a memorial to the civilian dead, the cessation of triumphalism on the part of the Sri Lankan Government, and an end to the security services’ practice of preventing any public grieving for those who died in the war.

9) A fair political solution to the issue of Tamil self-determination.

The ‘Manifesto for Peace’ forms part of a report that used findings from a survey of 200 Tamil survivors in the North-East of the island.