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South African Tamils condemn General Silva's posting

Tamils in South Africa have condemned the appointment of Sri Lanka's Major General's Shavendra Silva's appointment as the Deputy Ambassador to South Africa.

In a joint statement released on 9th Novemeber, the South African Tamil Federation (SATF), Solidarity Group for Peace and Justice (SGJP), and other groups, highlighted Silva's leadership of the 58th Division of the Sri Lankan Army and said his appointment was “an insult and an assault on our democratic foundation and principles … It is further a serious indictment on all peace loving South Africans if this appointment is not rescinded.”

The organisations vowed to continue to mobilise and “to reject with contempt the appointment of Major General Silva”. They called on the South African government to deem him 'persona non grata' and refuse him entry into South Africa.

The Secretary of the SGJP, Preggy Padayache said, 'they were perturbed at South Africa’s continued support of the government of Sri Lanka, despite growing international sentiment for an independent investigation into credible allegations of war crimes against that government and its top leadership.'