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SL envoy calls Tamil Nadu protests a 'form of terrorism'

The Sri Lankan High Commissioner for India, Prasada Kariyawasam, said that the protests by Tamil Nadu students were a 'form of terrorism'.

Speaking to CNN-IBN, Kariyawasam said:

"Resolution on Sri Lanka in UN is uncalled for. We don't think there is a need for international community to get involved in Sri Lanka at this point."

"Those who are protesting against Sri Lanka in Tamil Nadu have not visited Sri Lanka recently. They have never been there, they are going on hearsay and on the basis of lobbying by the LTTE sympathetic groups living abroad, outside the country. Some of these agitations have taken the form of terrorism. In fact some innocent monks and pilgrims from Sri Lanka have been attacked. This is again the kind of violent method practised by LTTE in the past in Sri Lanka."