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Sirisena boasts about protecting soldiers from war crimes charges

Sri Lankan President Mathripala Sirisena again reiterated that soldiers were not being persecuted, saying that he has stopped members of the military from being prosecuted for war crimes.

“I have succeeded in stopping anyone from being tried for war crimes,” Sirisena said, according to PTI.

Responding to former president Rajapaksa’s charges that the Sirisena government was going after soldiers, Sirisena said,

“I wish to make it clear that there is no targeting of soldiers. We have been accused of jailing them. None of the genuine war heroes have been jailed. Those who have been jailed were the ones accused of murdering journalists and abducting people.”

Earlier this week army commander Mahesh Senanayake said that a special unit to would be set up to defend troops against war crimes charges.