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Sinhala students assault security guard at Jaffna University hostel

Sinhala students have reported assaulted a security guard at the Jaffna University hostel, following a confrontation on Tuesday night.

The two students, reported to be in their third year at the faculty of science, were accompanied by a third unknown person said Ms Vasanthi Arasaratnam, Vice Chancellor of the University of Jaffna.

They were caught trespassing into the men’s hostel on Tuesday at around 9pm by the security guard who questioned them. The students allegedly responded by saying they were part of a political party from the South and were there to carry out a political campaign.

When the guard tried to stop them, he was assaulted.

Though police were called to the scene, no action was taken. University officials confirmed they were aware of the incident, with Ms Arasaratnam stating one of them was known to have been recently punished for misconduct.

The incident comes after group of Tamil students were hospitalised following an attack by a mob of Sinhala students at the Uva Wellawassa University last month, and another similar attack on group of Tamil students at the Eastern University's Trincomalee campus the week before.

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