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Showcasing Tamil Canadian film talent




The work of young Tamil filmmakers in Canada will be screened this weekend at  the Canadian Tamil Film Festival (CTFF).

The Arts and Culture Council of Canadian Tamil Youth Alliance (CTYA) will hosting the screening of films on Saturday Jan. 22 (10am-4pm) at the Markham Civic Centre.

The award ceremony is on Sunday at 6.15pm, following the screening of ‘1999’ (2-4pm).

Register here for the event.

“The event will provide the Tamil artists with a venue to broadcast their talents in the film industry and it will also serve as an encouragement to youth with an interest in the film industry, who have yet to pursue it,” the Arts and Culture Council says.

“There are many hidden talents within our community and by showing our support to those who have embraced such opportunities, we can definitely inspire our youth to take further steps to express their talents.”