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Serbia stalling on domestic war crimes prosecutions

Serbia is stalling on prosecuting war crimes and seems to have set a strategy of “waiting for time to do its work”, the NGO Humanitarian Law Centre said in a report.

"Time is passing and victims, witnesses and culprits alike are passing away, while memories become less reliable," Jelena Krstic, from the HLC, said.

She added that Serbia seems to have decided on a strategy of "waiting for time to do its work", instead of implementing its own war-crimes prosecution strategy.

The HLC report on the implementation of the national strategy for war crimes prosecution noted no notable progress in the past six months concerning the goals laid out in the strategy.

From December 2017 to June 2018, only four new indictments were issued, while the war crimes prosecutor took over 1,578 cases from various public prosecutors’ offices between February 2016 and April 16, 2018.

Trials still take too long and the measures implemented from the national strategy did not significantly improve the search for missing persons, the report said.

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