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Scotland to hold independence referendum before UK leaves EU

Scotland’s first minister Nicola Sturgeon has indicated that Scotland will hold an independence referendum before the UK leaves the European Union, reports The Times

The first minister ordered her staff to start drawing up legislation for a new independence vote for Scotland, adding that it was “unacceptable” that Scotland would be forced to leave the EU despite having 62% of the Scottish population voting to remain in the EU.

IN a press conference with the EU flag and Scottish Saltire behind her, Ms Sturgeon said the Scots would get a second vote in independence within the next two years despite agreeing during the last independence referendum that issue would be settled for a generation.

Arguing a “material change in circumstances”  that were “democratically unacceptable,” Ms Sturgeon said, that a referendum would have to take place quickly due to the need to keep Scotland in the EU before the UK withdraws.

 “There are many people who voted against independence in 2014 who are today reassessing their decision,” she added, concluding that she would take “all possible steps” to ensure that Scotland remains in the EU and the single market.