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Schoolchildren across North protest in solidarity with Pilavu

Tamil school students across the North protested outside their schools on Monday morning in solidarity with the land return protestors at Pilavu and Puthukudiyirippu. The children called for the people of Pilavu's lands to be returned so that their peers could return to school.

'We want our land'
'We may die, but only in our motherland'
'Army withdraw'
'Is good governance leaving people in the streets?'
'Sri Lankan air force - leave the Pilakudiyirippu people's lands'
'Good governance regime - don't destroy the education of 54 students'
'Sri Lankan troops - stop sacrificing Tamil lands for 'good governance''
Sri Lankan troops - give us back our native lands in Puthukudiyirippu
Placard criticises opposition leader
'Give back their lands'
'Our support for the people of Keppapilavu'