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Sampur resident begins hunger-strike demanding Sri Lanka to return appropriated land

Thavarasa Premkumar, on Monday, declared a fast unto death in order to pressurise Sri Lanka’s government to hand over the appropriated lands of the displaced people of Sampur. 

Photographs: Tamil Guardian

Mr Premkumar’s demands were based on 3 requests listed below:

-Requesting the Sir Lankan government to handover the lands of the Sampur people respecting their rights and solemnity to live a dignified life in their own lands.

-Requesting the international community and the United Nations to pressurise the Sri Lanka government to take immediate measures to solve the burning issues of the Sampur community.

-Requesting the Tamil diaspora to work in lines with the affected and desperate communities in the Northern Eastern region to safeguard and sustain their rights and entitlements.

In his statement, Mr Premkumar, said that countless failed promises by the Sri Lankan state had driven him to hunger-strike to force action to benefit the community.

Several protestors joined Mr Premkumar to show solidarity with the campaign.

The hunger-strike commenced as the Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian MA Sumanthiran submitted an intervention to Sri Lanka's supreme court demanding return of appropriated lands to listed individuals from Sampur.