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Rwandan genocide suspect faces charges of immigration fraud in US

A man accused of taking part in the Rwandan genocide faces charges of immigration fraud in the US, after lying to authorities about his membership of the political party that led the massacres.

Though Jean Leonard Teganya left Rwanda in 1994, the year that approximately 800,000 Tutsis were murdered by members of the Hutu led regime, Canadian asylum officials concluded he had participated in the killings. He had been working as a trainee in the city of Butare at the time.

Rwanda’s Prosecutor-General Jean Bosco Mutangana confirmed that the man is a “wanted genocide suspect”.

Mr Teganya had arrived in Canada in 1999, but was denied asylum twice due to his links to the atrocities. He subsequently fled to the United States, where he applied for asylum there.

He faces charges of immigration fraud and perjury in Boston.