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Resettlement Minister states less land to be released in Vali North than previously announced

Sri Lanka’s Minister for Resettlement has said 500 acres of Tamil people’s land will be released in Valikamam North when earlier in the week the ministry’s secretary had pledged that 650 acres would be released.

According to the Uthayan, the resettlement minister D. M. Swaminathan told journalists in Colombo that 500 acres of land in Valikamam North would be released on April 16, contradicting an announcement by secretary Ponniah Suresh who had said on Thursday that 650 acres would be released.

Meanwhile officials at the Jaffna District Secretariat have also said that the Sri Lankan Army is yet to provide a confirmed map of the lands to be released, meaning that the owners do not yet know whether their land will be released or not.