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Renewed calls to investigate Fox-Werrity, after new allegations emerge

The British prime minister, David Cameron, faced renewed calls to launch an investigation into the former defence secretary, Liam Fox's, best friend and self-proclaimed advisor, Adam Werritty, following further allegations revealed by the Guardian.

A defence lobbyist, Stephen Crouch, paid Werritty a flat fee of £20,000, in the hope that influential meetings would be set up, alleged the Guardian on Wednesday.

According to newspaper, Crouch went onto meet the UK arms sales minister, Gerald Howarth - a meeting that was allegedly encouraged and facilitated by the former defence secretary, Liam Fox.

See report by Guardian here.

Several members of the opposition have called for the parliamentary ombudsman, Sir Philip Mawer, to investigate.

The shadow defence minister, Kevan Jones, urged the prime minister to ensure all unanswered questions are addressed.

"The prime minister has for weeks said all questions would be answered but instead we have only had new allegations,"

"It appears another defence minister may have broken the ministerial code and has links to Adam Werritty. We need a full explanation as to how this meeting was arranged and why no civil servants were present.

"If it was discovered that anyone was profiting from these connections this would be extremely serious."

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence said,

"Mr Howarth informed his office after the meeting had taken place. No substantive issues were raised, no confidential information was disclosed and there was no follow-up to the meeting,"