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Ranil 'apology' for Jaffna Library burning criticised

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe's 'apology' for the destruction of the Jaffna Library in 1982 has been criticised, after it was initially praised by many as a step towards reconciliation.

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, Mr Wickremesinghe said in Sinhala: "“The public library in Jaffna was burnt during a United National Party (UNP) Government in 1981. We know it was wrong and tender an apology for it,” he said.

“You too should tender an apology for the wrong things which your Government did," he said to the joint opposition.

However on social media many were quick to dismiss his 'apology', with one use dismissing it as a "snarky retort" and saying that an apology should have gone beyond just saying the destruction happened during a UNP government as the party itself was culpable.

The Centre for Policy Alternatives said the "off-hand remark" was "undeserving" of an apology.


See more tweets on the prime minister's remarks:

Listening to it 1) it sounded more like a snarky retort than a apology 2) apology should have gone beyond just... https://t.co/2yDcrNvhtq

— luwie niranjan (@Tharikana) December 6, 2016

Ranil's so-called-apology is no apology. Is he admitting that there was state complicity in the burning? What exactly is he sorry for? #lka

— Guruparan K (@rkguruparan) December 7, 2016

Listen before you applaud. The place + people deserve more than this off-hand remark as an 'apology' for what happened. #lka https://t.co/s1zRlAB36N

— Amalini De Sayrah (@Amaliniii) December 7, 2016

Praise showered on @RW_UNP’s “apology" is based on print report(s), not actual audio. Good to hear, not just read, before commending? #lka https://t.co/MFE0PK0ZpQ

— Groundviews (@groundviews) December 6, 2016