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Protests shut down Iraqi capital

Anti-government protests have continued in Iraq this weekend, with tens of thousands of demonstrators shutting down the capital of Baghdad and a reported attack on the Iranian embassy in Karbala.

Political rallies staged in the capital and across the south of the country have charged the government with corruption and called for the resignation of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. At least 250 protestors have been killed so far in clashes with security forces.

This weekend, demonstrators shut down the main roads of the capital and reportedly clashed once more with security forces close to the heavily fortified Green Zone. In Karbala, dozens of people attacked the Iranian consulate, reports Al Jazeera.

One demonstrator told the AFP,

"We decided to cut the roads as a message to the government that we will keep protesting until the corrupt people and thieves are kicked out and the regime falls”.

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