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Prevalence of drug use raises questions says Wigneswaran

The chief minister of the northern province and former Supreme Court justice, C V Wigneswaran said that the prevalence of drug use since the end of the armed conflict, led one to question whether it was intentionally being increased.

In a statement condemning the rape and murder of a school girl in Pungudutivu this week, Mr Wigneswaran said that the "many actions are being taken to erode people's sense that they must act within the law."

"It is necessary to question whether the use of drugs within Tamil students is being introduced intentionally," said Mr Wigneswaran.

"It makes one wonder if intentional efforts are being taken to lead women affected by war down the wrong path," he said, stating that the murder and rape of the school girl, Vithiya, demonstrated the present degradation of society.

The police must act with dignity and discipline, he urged.