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Posters commemorating Maaveerar Naal emerge at Jaffna university

Posters commemorating Maaveerar Naal have gone up around Jaffna university campus this week, reports Nam Thesam.

“Our tearful respect to our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our nation to bloom and to our people killed by state terrorism,” said the posters.

“Our fallen martyrs' dream will come true, Tamil Eelam will be born tomorrow."

The posters have appeared as the Sri Lankan military increased its presence across the North-East, as Maaveerar Naal, or Heroes Day, approaches.

The Jaffna University teachers' union condemned the ramped up security presence last week (see here).

In previous years, Sri Lankan authorities shut down Jaffna University as Maaveerar Naal approached and Sri Lankan security forces have stormed the campus, attacking and arresting Tamil youth as they lit candles in an attempt to mark the remembrance day.

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