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Police and protesters clash in Hong Kong

Police have fired tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters in Hong Kong as protests turn violent.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators filled the streets, surrounding the Legislative Council, ahead of the scheduled debate, to express their anger against government plans to allow extraditions to China.

Police officers have used tear gas, rubber bullets, batons, pepper spray and water hoses against the demonstrators. 22 people are reported to have been taken to hospital for injuries sustained in the clashes.

Hong Kong police commissioner, Stephen Lo Wai-Chung, said that the police took action after masked demonstrators started throwing objects at officers and called it a riot situation.

The proposed law was due for a second debate today but was cancelled 15 minutes before it was set to begin.

The new law would allow Hong Kong to extradite criminal suspects requested by China, Taiwan and Macau. Demonstrators worry that people could face vague national security charges and unfair trials in China.

Supporters of the law say that it would prevent the city from becoming a criminal refuge but critics fear that it will allow china to demand that Hong Kong hands over political dissidents, religious workers and business people.

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