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Palestinians seek statehood in 2011

Palestinian leaders, determined to proclaim their state in the coming year, are readying an arsenal of diplomatic alternatives to frozen negotiations with Israel.

The Palestinians’ strategy centres on a proclamation of statehood in September 2011 - when the United Nations holds its next General Assembly.

If the Palestinians lose this battle, they are considering calling for their territories to be placed under international administration.

Palestinian diplomats are lobbying for broad recognition of a state within 1967 borders. As and when such support reaches critical mass, they hope to go to the UN Security Council and request full UN membership

See AFP’s report here.

In recent weeks Five Latin American states – Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and Uruguay – officially recognised Palestine as an independent state within these 1967 borders. Chile, Mexico, Peru and Nicaragua are said to be considering recognition, Al-Jazeera reports.

Meanwhile, up to ten European states are to upgrade the status of Palestinian representative offices in their capitals in the near future, the Palestinian Authority’s Chief Negotiator tells the Jerusalem Post.