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Pakistan calls for international involvement in Kashmir dispute, India pledges permanent solution

The international community must play a role in the resolution of the Kashmir dispute said Pakistan’s prime minister, a day after India pledged to settle a permanent political solution that maintained Kashmir’s identity.

Speaking in an address to the country on Pakistan’s independence day, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister Shahid Kaqan Abbasi, said,

“It is incumbent upon the international community to play its role in the resolution of the regional conflicts, particularly the Kashmir dispute in conformity with the UN resolutions on the subject with a view to ensuring durable peace in the region.”

India’s Home Minster Rajnath Singh on Sunday, said the government was working towards a permanent solution that maintained Kashmir’s identity, stating,

“Whatever steps we are now taking in Kashmir is towards a permanent solution of the issue. I will not like to clarify much, and I would not be proper too. Kashmir should maintain its identity.”

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