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Over 200 worshipers killed in Egypt Mosque attack

At least 235 people have been killed with several more injured in a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in the north Sinai region of Egypt.

A bomb exploded in the mosque during Friday prayers followed by four gunmen who opened fire on worshipers.

Speaking immediately after the attacks, Egypt’s president Abdel Fattah al Sisi, said,

“This act will only increase our will and unity. The police and military will avenge our martyrs and restore peace and security. We will respond with brute force to combat these terrorists and deviants.. this is an attempt to deter us from fighting terrorism and to destroy our will, but we are steadfast, and I say to all Egyptians, the battle you are fighting is the most honourable.”

The attack comes days before the annual celebrations of prophet Muhammed’s birthday. Several Sufi affiliated mosques around the country are scheduled to hold festivals in celebration of the prophet.

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