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NPC protests Sinhalisation and land grabs in Mullaitivu under Mahaweli scheme

Councillors from the Northern Provincial Council staged a protest on Tuesday, after the council passed a resolution last week condemning state sponsored Sinhala settlements in Mullaitivu and across the Vanni.

Members of the NPC members held a protest outside the Mullaitivu DS office, calling on the Sri Lankan President to intervene against Sinhalese settlements in the district.

The NPC “unanimously decided to express the Council’s deep concern over the settlements in the Mullaitivu and Vanni districts by people from outside these areas,” read a letter from C. V. K. Sivagnanam, chairman of the NPC.

“It appears that these settlements, which would disturb the demographic pattern of these areas are taking place under guise of Mahaweli System L settlements,” he added. “It is detrimental to the attempts to create a conducive situation for national reconciliation.”

See the full text of his letter to the Sri Lankan president below.