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Northern Province begins marking 'meaningful' month of remembrance

The Northern Province today said the month of November will be dedicated to planting trees.

The project, which will see 500,000 trees planted, was inaugurated by Chief Minister Wigneswaran. TNA MPs Sritharan, Saravanapavan and Siddharthan, the NPC's agricultural minister Aiyngaranesan and education minister Gurukularajah, NPC Councillor Ananthy Sasitharan and several other officials attended the event in Semmani, alongside pupils from local schools.

updated 23:00 GMT, 01.11.15

The Tamil people commemorate November as remembrance month, with the Tamil national remembrance day, Maaveerar Naal (Heroes' Day) falling on November 27. Since the end of the armed conflict, state security forces have prohibited the remembrance of fallen Tamil fighters.

Speaking at the event, parliamentarian Sritharan said that the Tamil community's practice of planting trees in November was started by the LTTE twenty years ago.

"The month of November is an important month full of meaning and memories for us," he said. Mr Sritharan also explained the significance of Semmani as a location from which Tamils were forcibly displaced in 1995 by the occupation of the Sri Lankan army.