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Northern governor admits military damaging environment in Mullaitivu

The governor of the Northern province admitted that the Sri Lankan military was causing environmental damage by exploiting Mullaitivu ground water.

The remarks came at a meeting of the district development committee last week when Governor Suren Raghavan was told about the Sri Lankan army extracting millions of litres of water daily from a tube well in Karaithuraipatru (Maritimepattu).

“Ground water must be protected,” the governor reportedly said at the meeting. “That water belongs to the future. Whether it’s the army or a large private corporation, no-one should be allowed to drain our water sources.”

Tensions have been ongoing in Kanukkeni, the area served by the mentioned well, as residents have accused the army of polluting the village, particularly its alternative water sources, with heavy vehicles and tankers.

While some residents said their native water sources had been too contaminated to use and they were forced to buy drinking water, it emerged earlier this month that over 13000 families have been affected by drought in the Mullaitivu district.