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No Sri Lankan president would defy Buddhist chauvinism for political solution says TNA MP

No incoming president of Sri Lanka would provide a political solution for the Tamil people in defiance of Buddhist chauvinism, TNA MP Charles Nirmalanathan said last week.

Speaking at a press meet in Mannar, Nirmalanathan referred to the Neeraviyadi incident where a Buddhist monk was cremated in a Hindu temple despite a court order banning the cremation.

The MP said that the incident showed that courts were powerless before Buddhist monks and Sinhala-Buddhist chauvinism, and that Sri Lankan police would also not take any action against Buddhist chauvinism.

“They are delivering a message through this. That is, Tamil people or Tamil speaking people in the North and East or anywhere in the country can live in Sri Lanka only if they comply with their Buddhist policies,” he said.

No government would meet the demands of Tamil people in defiance of Buddhist dominance, the MP added.