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No federalism, no international war crimes tribunals say Sri Lankan president

The Sri Lankan president this week reiterated he would not agree to federalism and there would be no international war crimes tribunal. 

"I did not become president to betray the Jathiya [Sinhalese] and I am not ready to give in to the federal demand or devolve power in any way that might result in a fracture of the country," he told an audience whilst visiting South Korea on Wednesday. 

"There won't be electric chairs, international war crimes tribunals or foreign judges. That book is closed. They still bring up issues that we have already brought to a close," he said, referring to the UNHRC co sponsored resolution. 

"I did not obtain power to weaken the security forces or national security; my first priority was to win back the international community, which I did," he added. 

His comments come despite repeated called on Sri Lanka to implement the commitments it made in the resolution.