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Nicaragua orders UN human rights delegation to leave

The Nicaraguan government has instructed a United Nations human rights delegation to leave following the publication of a report condemning rights violations and repression by the president, Daniel Ortega's regime. 

“Given that the reasons, causes and conditions that gave rise to this invitation have ceased... this Ministry announces that it concludes the invitation and finalises the visit as of August 30," Nicaragua's foreign minister, Denis Moncada wrote in a letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights' (UNHCHR) regional representative, Marlene Alejos. 

In a report published on Wednesday the UN delegation concluded the police had killed over 300 people through extrajudicial killings and the excessive use of force during anti-government demonstrations from April and August this year. 

The report also details widspread incidents of torture, sexual violence and arbitrary detentions. 

In a statement the UNHCHR's regional office said it would “continue its work of monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation in Nicaragua remotely.”

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