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NFF threatens to withdraw from ruling coalition if Sri Lanka allows South Africa involvement

The National Freedom Front spokesman, Mohammad Muzammil, said that the party would consider leaving the ruling coalition if the Sri Lankan government allowed South Africa to become involved in the country’s internal affairs.

Muzammil said that the visit of South Africa’s Special Envoy to Sri Lanka and Deputy President of the African National Congress (ANC) would not be viewed favourably, reports Colombo page.

Drawing upon the original agreement made by the ruling party coalition in Sri Lanka he said,

"Government on principle agreed to our 12-point proposal. Our fourth proposal in this programme underscores our opposition to engage a third party to discuss a problem already solved by military means. Eric Solheim came here in the past to discuss with Prabhakaran. Is Ramaphosa coming here to discuss with the TNA, which had close links to the LTTE at that time? We don't see any justification in inviting a third party to hold discussions with the TNA, which is in Parliament now,"